At Chabad, we believe that each individual knows how he or she best communicates with G‑d. At Chabad, the language you use or the pace you set for yourself are not of paramount importance. Our traditional services are in Hebrew and English using a Hebrew and English Siddur (prayer book) making it easy to follow in either language. Page numbers are announced continuously so you may always find the place in the prayer book. Connect with the day and with G‑d and with your own soul in whatever personal manner suits you best.

The tunes are old, familiar ones, and they are sung by those of us who know the words and by those of us who can only hum along, with all the gusto befitting the joy of the Shabbat.

Following the services on Shabbat is a Kiddush. The Kiddush includes a buffet and Homemade Herring. The casual atmosphere encourages people to hang out, socialize and enjoy discussions and Shabbat songs.

At Chabad, we see the children as an integral part of our community and our future. We encourage children of all ages to participate.

Join us for an experience you will not forget!